All Digital Heat Siphons shipped since July 15, 2022 NOW HAVE A BUILT IN WiFi CHIPSET with these NEW FEATURES:

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Our NEW Digital Player XLW looks the same but has BUILT IN WiFi

Owner who Registers (free) on MyHeatSiphon.com can Login & access data in Real Time using your smartphone from anywhere in the world:

  • Pool/Spa Water Temperature
  • Temperature Setpoint
  • Local (at pool) Air Temperature
  • Status of water flow
  • Status of Heat Siphon
  • Any Error Conditions

In Addition – if you purchase the MyHeatSiphon.com Access Pass, you can remotely perform the following:

  • Change your Heat Siphon set point
  • Turn your Heat Siphon OFF/ON
  • LOCK your Heat Siphon Player so all button presses are ignored

Player XLW WiFi Setup

Watch our video showing you how simple it is to join your new Player XLW into your home WiFi network so you can begin using MyHeatSiphon.com to access your Heat Siphon from anywhere with your smart device: